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17.1 Week 3

Say it, see it and write it

When introducing a new sound. Say the new sound first and ask your child to repeat up, up to ten times. Then show them it written down. Can they write it in the air with their magic finger? Introduce the mnemonic shown on 'Mnemonics and rhymes' sheet sent home in the Autumn term or found in our Phonics section. Then write it on a surface with pen (on paper), chalk (on a paving slab) or shaving foam (on a tray). can they write it big or small? each time saying sound and mnemonic as they do it.



Year 1

Monday - 'nt'    Watch nt video and then write three sentences using a 'nt' word in each. For example - I am going to put up my blue tent this afternoon.

Tuesday - 'mp'   Watch mp video. Can you write a funny sentence using as many words  ending in 'mp' as possible. Here are a few mp words to get you started. lamp, hump, chimp, limp, dump, hump, jump. Draw a picture to go with your sentence.




Year R

Monday - 'x' See mnemonic sheet for how to form the letter (l – ladder – down the long ladder ll – two ladders – ladders in a line). Say it, see it and write it together. What words can you think of which have this sound - box, fox etc. Have fun generating them together. Watch  Mr Thorne video 'x'

Tuesday - 'y' Geraldine 'y' video

Can you spot these sounds in your books?




  • Oak - 91.48%
  • Rowan - 91.54%
  • Beech - 87.04%
  • Silver Birch - 92.00%
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