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Alice's poem

The Magic Box


I will put in my box…

Fudge, my funny hamster,

One wheel from my red bike,

a slice of my first birthday cake.


I will put in my box…

one of my shining white teeth,

the first word of my baby cousin,

the greenest leaf from a tree.


I will put in my box…

the wand from a flying fairy,

a pure blue raindrop from a puffy cloud,

a kiss from my mother.


I will put in my box…

a cupful of sand from by the sea,

a tiny gnome from someone’s garden,

the sweetest mango from the Amazon Rainforest


my box is fashioned from diamond and copper and marbles,

with gold stars on the lid and whispers in the corners.

Its hinges are made from twisted twigs.


I shall sit in my box on the highest mountain

and treasure all of these things forever.


By Alice, Year 3



  • Oak - 97.11%
  • Rowan - 96.82%
  • Beech - 92.39%
  • Silver Birch - 92.75%
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