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Autumn 1


This term the children will be learning all about the seasons. We will be covering the following areas -

1. Seasons and the weather

2. Signs of Autumn

3. How can I record the weather?

4. Weather watching

5. Animals in the seasons

6. Clouds

Thursday 13th October

Today we have been finding out about Hedgehogs and learning lots of interesting facts.

Do you know how many spikes they have? Do you know what a baby hedgehog is called? Do you know what they like to eat? We do!

NOTE - The recipe for the Hedgehog bread rolls is below. If your child makes them at home with you please feel free to send a photograph to the office as we would love to see them!

Thursday 22nd September

Today we began by thinking about Autumn and sharing our ideas about what Autumn means to us.  We finished the afternoon off outside in the school grounds exploring the different leaves on the ground. The children then made their own Autumn crowns. 

Thursday 15th

Today we looked at the four seasons and talked about what we know about them, including how the weather differs for each. We also watched this clip to start to try and understand why we have seasons


If you get the opportunity, please watch this again with your child! 


The children also enjoyed tasting the blackberries that Mrs Norwood picked earlier in the day. 'They're so sweet,' was one comment! As well as lots of 'Mmmmmmmmms!' We've encouraged them all to do some blackberry picking whilst they last.



  • Oak - 91.00%
  • Rowan - 92.40%
  • Beech - 93.29%
  • Silver Birch - 93.99%
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