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Autumn 2

Scientists and Inventors

This term the children will be engaging in the topic ‘Scientists and Inventors’. This topic will teach about famous scientists and inventors linked to the Y1 science curriculum. Throughout the term the children will work in a fun and hands on way to learn about scientists and inventors.

Have a look at what we have been doing each week and explore the areas further with your child at home. As always, have FUN!

Session 1 - Who invented Lego?

Session 2 - Who was Mae Jamison?

Session 3 - Who invented the first Zoo?

Session 4 - Who was George James Symons?

Session 5 -  Who was Linda Brown Buck?

Session 6 - Who were the Wright brothers?

3rd November

Session 1 - Who invented Lego?

Needless to say when the class were asked “Who likes Lego?” All of the children’s hands went up…and mine and Mrs Krempel’s. Who doesn’t love making and creating with Lego.

We had some brilliant creations made…marble runs, great little cars and even a Lego making factory! I was impressed with the children’s imaginations but above all their teamwork skills. Lots of wonderful sharing and communication went on throughout the lesson. Well done Oak class!


Photos to follow

10th November
Session 2 - Who was Mae Jamison?

What a fun session we’ve had today! The children found out about the first black woman into space. They were fascinated about our discussions on gravity. Apologies for any dropped toothbrushes at bedtime…we talked about brushing teeth in space and brushing them at home and what the differences would be!
There was no holding back the Year R children when it came to making their own rockets. The Year ones came up with some good questions to ask Mae. Thank you Rosie for being Mae Jamison for us as we hot seated her… And actually sharing the same number of brothers and sisters and also having the middle name ‘May’. The children then designed their own rockets for Mae, I think she would’ve been very impressed.

17th November

Session 3 - Who was George Mottershead?


Today we were talking lots about zoos and learning about what George Mottershead did for them? The children were very passionate about animals not being trapped in cages and their own habitats being the best places for them.

We we’re also very luck to have a visitor in with us today, who rather took over the show! Thank you Rocket for coming in and Thank you also to Oscar and Jacob Bond for allowing him to visit Oak class. I hope you have all heard lots about him.

In the session today the Year ones worked in groups creating the best zoo enclosure for Rocket, considering what he would need and also what he might like. All of the children also had a go at making their own tortoises, either using craft materials or play dough. There were also lots of amazing observational drawings done of Rocket, the perfect model! A zoo, with different enclosures, was also created using Duplo. 

24th November

Session 4 - Measuring the weather. Who was George Hames Symons?

Today the Year Ones were being Meteorologists, just like George Symons. They made their own rain gauges which have been placed around the school so that they can observe the rain fall over the next few weeks.
In class, there were some challenges set for the Oak Inventors! Who could build a bridge with lolly sticks between two tables. Well done to Sienna, who show such determination and perseverance! She made two different bridges. Some children were making their own boats and they had to test them to see if they could float and stay upright. It was good to see the children altering their designs when they didn’t quite work. There was of course, junk modelling. What could the children invent themselves? Some great ideas. Well done Oak class!

1st December

Session 5 - Who was Linda Brown Buck?

Lots of smelling, smelling and smelling in today’s session.
There was rosemary and lemon infused play dough to create with and smelly paintings to do. We certainly know what we don’t like the smell of…socks, cat poo and lemons. And we love the smell of flowers, toast and rhubarb (especially in a crumble!)

We of course had the junk modelling out for the inventors in the class.

The year ones learnt about Linda Buck and her amazing discovery and the BIG prize that she won! They tested their sense of smell and were spot on. Coffee seemed to be the favourite smell from the four.



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