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Hello and Welcome! 

Here is our new page for Bubble 4 - the bubble for all of Binsted's key worker children! Just like our previous Bubble 3, we are a brilliant mixture of children from Year 2 to Year 5 who are now back in school. Over the next four weeks Miss Darby, Mrs Robarts and Mrs Ismay  will be busy with the children, working and having fun in Rowan class doing a range of topic activities alongside reading, writing and Maths. Here you will find information, examples of work and photos of all the fun things we will be getting up to! Parents of our key worker children should please email me on if you have any questions or concerns.




Miss Darby  laugh

Sticky Marshmallow Tower Challenge! 

Friday afternoon meant it was time for a fun and tasty challenge! The children were set with the challenge to make the tallest tower out of only 20 spaghetti sticks, 1 metre of tape and 1 metre of string. Their tower had to be built in 18 minutes, and had to be able to hold a marshmallow to pass the test! The winner was the pair who had the tallest tower which was strong and sturdy enough to stay standing with a marshmallow on top! It was brilliant to see their teamwork and perseverance with this as it was frustrating at times with all the snapping spaghetti! Afterwards we built more towers but this time out of only spaghetti and the marshmallows themselves. Of course, a few marshmallows also got eaten in the process! 😋


What a busy week we have had! We have been learning about Africa and have looked at different countries and regions of Africa using the internet, maps, photographs and artefacts. We focussed on the countries of Morocco, Nigeria, Tanzania, and South Africa and have written diary entries, fact files, leaflets, posters and PowerPoint presentations on the laptops including facts about each. The children have been asking thoughtful questions and have been thinking about the similarities and differences the U.K. has with each African country. We also loved having Mrs Robarts share her photos of animals on safari, tell us about her trips to Madagascar and her meeting with the Masai tribe in the Serengeti National Park. Finally we focussed on the colours worn by the Masai tribe and patterns found on Traditional African masks. Check out our masks below to see wild animals and Tinga Tinga inspired designs!

Making Masks

Arty Crafty Afternoons!

Tie Dye Bags 

Check out the tie dye bags we have made since joining Bubble 4! We used a range of techniques such as folding, crumpling, swirling and sunburst techniques to prepare our fabric before getting messy with the dye! We love the finished bags as they are all so colourful and different! Check out the photos below to see our finished bags. 

Tie Dye fun!

Indian Art


In our afternoon sessions this week we have been learning about India! We have looked at the different climate zones and landscapes of India and have researched facts about the different mountain ranges that can be found there. Our art on Tuesday was centered around the Indian Elephant festival that is held once a year in March, around Holi Festival. In the parades, the most beautiful and elaborately decorated elephant wins the prize and so we thought we'd have a go at drawing and decorating our own elephants! On Wednesday we watched a short clip showing a traditional Hindu wedding. We looked carefully at the Mehndi henna patterns that the bride had on her skin and decided we would design our own .


Please check out our art below!

Indian River Systems


On Friday we learnt about some of the major river systems in India. We focussed on the Narmada river, the Ganges and the Indus river and then researched some key information about them, such as their source, their use, the water quality and their religious importance. Check out our posters below to learn something new about two important Indian rivers!



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