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Charley's Poem

The Sound Collector 


A stranger came by this morning,

Dressed in black and grey,

He put all the sounds into a bag,

And took them all away. 


The woofing from a happy dog,

The meowing from the cat,

The ribbet of a frog,

And the squeaking from a bat. 


The crunching noise of crisps,

Bang! You open the packet,

The popping of popcorn,

My sister making a racket!


The brushing of leaves on the road,

The croaking of a toad,

The creaking of Violin sounds overlapping,

The noise of birds when they all start flapping!


A stranger called this morning, 

He didn't leave his name,

Left us only with Silence,

Life will never be the same.





  • Oak - 95.66%
  • Rowan - 96.25%
  • Beech - 93.68%
  • Silver Birch - 95.80%
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