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Collective Worship 2019

At Binsted we all come together each day for our Collective Worship. Each half term we celebrate and embrace the many facets of our Christian lives through differing themes. We listen to Bible readings, sing songs and hymns and share each others' thoughts and wishes. Mrs Morton our head teacher leads us on Mondays, on Tuesdays we join together in the joy of singing, Yann our Church Vicar leads us on Wednesdays, and on Fridays' we celebrate and appreciate each others' achievements. Thursdays we have our own Class Collective Worship.  We want to share some of our moments through photographs and quotes with you.

Wintershall Visit- The Prodigal Son and Life of Jesus

Collective Worship Photographs

Collective Worship Photographs 1 Looking at words related to Peace
Collective Worship Photographs 2 Asking the children to read information
Collective Worship Photographs 3 Listening to each others comments
Collective Worship Photographs 4 Asking & answering questions about the theme Peace

Quotes from our Collective Worship on January 14th 2019 re: Words associated with 'Peace' 


What are our hands used for when showing peace?

"Praying"  Celest and Molly Yr2

What is harmony?

"It's a bit like peace"

Eliot Yr4

How and why are hands used in friendship?

"By being kind and having a connection with each other"

Charlotte Yr6

What do you think this image of the world held by a hand means?
"We are all part of one world; God's holding the earth and he's loving us"
Finlay T   Yr4

What do you think tranquility means?

"It's another word for being at one with yourself"

Jonty Yr5

The image of a dove symbolises peace, why?

"A dove was sent out to find dry land by Noah and he returned with a piece of an olive branch"

Nate Yr6













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