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December 2017

Yesterday, December 19th,  we wached the snowman it was so fun I loved it was epic and I loved writing poems, about the snowman

laughcheeky Fraser 20/12/17


Today we have been doing some copying up our snowman poems. A little E.T image slipped in mine. They are on the website.   Ronniesurpriseno[20/12/17]


Today we have been having great fun typing up poems and using images to make A4 christmas dinner mats. Having great fun doing christmas things.smileyfrownnoindecisionsurpriseJonty (20/12/17)


Today Hayden and I have been doing a christmas snowman poem based upon the snowman story with E.T in it - can you beleve it! frowncheekyenlightenedenlightened lennie 20 /12 /17  



Today the Choir went to the old peoples home with Miss Cox and Mrs Morton I loved it  and we had cakeno now we are on the computers doing table matssmiley yesterday we did christmas cards and painted our clay pots.frown by Grace 15.12.17


Yesterday we made Christmas crackers and are clay pots it was  fun.smileydevilby Liam 15.12.17    


Yesterday we had a school discocheekyI scared miss cox by doing the splitssadnoheartKatie 15.12.17


We've been creative making clay pots and decorating them, 3D Christmas trees, Christmas Crackers and Rudalph Cards fun week!!!!!no(Safwan) 15/12/17


We have been learning about the celts and Miss Brown just left the school after training to be a teacher in our class    [Ashton 15.12.17]surprise


We  have  been  learning  about  the celts  with Miss brown and miss cox and it  was fun   

Keiranoyes  06.12.17


We have been making power points on the laptops I did it about mince piesindecisionsurprise 

[Brianna] 06/12/17


Today we have been doing research on christmas Matty and I have done about christmas trees cheekysad [Lennie]



We have been doing some research about christmas crackers on the computer cheeky

Amelia 06/12/17



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