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February 2018

Yesterday we were making magnetic games in science I was with zachry laughfrownby Fraser 23/02/18


Yesterday we made magnetic games in science and I was with Harry D.devilfrowncheekysurpriseLiam


Yesterday in science,we made magnetic games. Ashton and I made a racetrack!    [Neo]smileylaughfrowncheeky 23/02/18


Yeterday afternoon Matty and I made a dirt bike which was with magnets and paper clips!cheekyfrownheartsurprise(Ronnie)no23/2/18





In Maths we're doing geometry and graphsnofrownsurprisedevilbroken heartSafwan{02/02/18}heart


While Beech were doing things, I headed over to Alton to play a footy tournament with yrs 5-6nofrownsurpriseheartRONNIE [02/02/18]


We have been doing lots of art latey such as rainforest hand art and health posters, and I have very much enjoyed doing those. heartcheekysurprisefrownno (Ivy 02/02/18) mailcryingkissindecision 


We have been doing maths today and we have also been talking about our health and doing posters about it

 TILDA 02/02/18   laugh  



  • Oak - 98.03%
  • Rowan - 97.40%
  • Beech - 92.21%
  • Silver Birch - 93.46%
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