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Friday 29th January 2021


Please watch the video below and pause it when prompted to answer the questions on the video. Show the questions and your working out in your home learning book. You can draw dienes/Base 10 to show your working out, or you could use the partitioning method as shown on the video.


Title for the work: Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit: Exchanging


Questions from the video to answer in your book

1. Starter questions             Mark your answers as you go!



5 x 32 =       5 x 35 =              Mark your answers once you've had a go :).

5 x 22 =       18 x 3 =

34 x 3 =


3. Answer the problem - solving question where you need to arrange the three digit cards into different combinations to make the greatest total. See what combinations you got right and ones you might have missed too!


4. Explore: What 2-digit number could you multiply with a 1-digit number to make 72? Can you find more than one way to make 72? Mark your answers with the video!


Spr3.2.1 - Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit - exchange



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