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Governors Awards 2020

This week I am delighted to be visiting school to present our Governors' awards for 2020. Although we are not able to hold a Sports Day and celebrate our children's achievements together, the Governors felt it was important to continue this tradition in these challenging times.

I would like to thank everyone at Binsted School, staff and pupils alike, for all their hard work and determination to overcome the current challenges and keep everyone safe. The situation has been constantly changing, along with Government guidance, but the school has adapted providing places for vulnerable children; children of key workers; pupils in Reception, Years 1 and 6; and giving all our pupils opportunity to have some face-to-face time with their teachers before the end of term.

During this term all the teachers have reported on how well the children have been working at home and I have seen some amazing work on the school web site. Thank you to all our parents and pupils for making home schooling a success.

I look forward to visiting all the year groups and presenting their awards.

Thank you for all your support and I wish you all an enjoyable and restful summer holiday.

Kind regards

Sally Hibbert

Chair of Governors.

Year 6 Governors' Award- Bertie Healy-Roylance

I will truly miss Bertie next year. He has not only had a fantastic year but for the last several years his progress has been a real credit to him. He has a steady determined approach to learning which has resulted in a “gathering pace” to his academic progress- he was due to excel in SATs this year and he has applied himself to his learning in Lockdown with a similar organised and responsible manner. His in-depth history work was a joy to see.

 It is fair to say that Bertie is a real lynchpin in the class group- he has a relaxed, confident approach to friendship which mean he acts as a mentor and fun friend to all of the children in the class. His inclusive, magnanimous approach to all situations is invaluable and it is lovely to hear his peers talk about him. He is respected by everyone in the school for his kindness and sense of responsibility. At Binsted we will truly miss Bertie a great deal!

Mr Jennings

Year 5 Governors' Award - Harry Cavell

Harry has had an excellent year. He began the year with a clear determination to tackle his challenges head-on. Despite the fact that he has a great sense of humour and a love of being outside and charging about Harry has adopted a serious focus in class. He always tries his best and listens carefully to feedback. Also Harry was  an absolute superstar at PGL, impressing all the staff with his enthusiasm, good manners and independence. It has been a real pleasure to see Harry grow in confidence; he is now keen to involve himself in class discussion and has a thoughtful, reasoned approach to all subjects. During Lockdown Harry has shown great maturity and a commitment to sticking to his timetable- as well as going on some very long bike rides! He has clearly been very engaged in the class text at home and produced some good history and biography work. I love Harry’s enthusiasm for learning and he has taken huge steps forward this year- which is very impressive given the difficult nature of the second half of the year. I feel he is now ready to excel in Year 6 and for whatever the next few years throw at us. Well done Harry- you have really excelled in some tough circumstances. A truly resilient young man who shines with a sense of fun and a lovely polite manner in class.

Mr Jennings.

Zander receiving his End of Year 4 Governors Award - Well done Zander, from Miss Cox

Zander is a fab and very important part of Beech Class which has been evident over this past year. He never likes to complain or cause a fuss and is always ready to listen to what is being discussed. Zander is one of our quieter members of Beech Class who is always ready to support his peers if they are struggling with work. It is humbling to see how well liked and respected Zander is to his peers, whether it is support in the classroom or being on their team when playing sports, Zander has a lovely unassuming manner which benefits all who know him.

I am very proud of Zander and equally excited having watched him gradually grow in confidence and self-esteem. It is wonderful to see and hear how much of a key player in groups he is, both when working in class and socialising on the playground. I remember watching him try to be invisible and me not letting him! Now, his fun sense of humour and more relaxed communicative personality is shining through, increasing his self-confidence and revealing his many facets.

Zander is a cheerful and popular young man with his peers and who I can rely upon because of his responsible and sensible manner. He is considerate of others and understands the importance of having determination to succeed. Whether this is on a football pitch or undertaking his work in the classroom, Zander always strives to do his best. I am proud of you Zander and why you deserve this award.

Miss Cox

Autumn in Year 3 receiving the Governor's Award for 2020 - Well done Autumn from Miss Cox

What a wonderful year this young lady has had. Autumn joined Binsted last September and has been a super addition to our school and indeed Beech Class. She was initially a little shy and the prospect of having to make new friends was rather daunting. However, Autumn need not have been worried because very early on, it was clear to see, that her easy-going manner and lovely sense of humour would endear her to her fellow class buddies.

Autumn is a delightful person to get to know, she works extremely conscientiously and always strives to do her best, making herself proud of what she has achieved. With her peers, Autumn integrates effectively in groups when working in class and she has a real empathy towards her friends; quietly gravitating towards then offering support and a listening ear.

It has been a pleasure to work with Autumn this year. Even through lockdown I would receive emails enquiring about how I was coping with the school work, emails etc. and working from home, as well as making sure my dogs were both ok too! I have been immensely proud of how hard Autumn has continued to work at home, and indeed supported her brother during these peculiar times.

So, it was an easy decision to make given her caring personality, happy persona, sensitive forethought and mature, responsible attitude in school and outside of it, has given us all much warmth and happiness this year. Thank you Autumn for everything you do which makes you the person your are – great.

Miss Cox

Congratulations Gus on receiving your award! Miss Darby :)

Governors' Award Year 2 - Gus Bowden

Throughout Year 2 Gus has been consistently hard working, determined to do his best and has been resilient and focussed when facing challenges. Gus stands up for all, looks out for those who need a friend and is a natural leader. He is helpful in class, participates in all lessons and has worked particularly hard on his handwriting and maths skills this year. I have been really impressed with how Gus’ confidence has grown this year and he takes it all in his stride. He has settled back into our keyworker bubble with a great attitude and has adapted well when working alongside the older children in our bubble. 

It has been a real pleasure to teach Gus this year; he brings lots of energy, enthusiasm and humour into the classroom and I look forward to teaching him next year. 

Miss Darby

Governors' Award Year 1 - Xanthe Ellvers

When Xanthe joined us two years ago she was a very well behaved but extremely shy and quiet little girl.  We have had the privilege of seeing her flourish into a confident and independent learner.  She has, from day one put in every effort into her work, which has paid off in outstanding progress.  She is popular among her peers and although is confident to lead other, she does so with kindness and humility.  Xanthe is very helpful around the classroom and can be relied upon to take on responsibility.  She is an absolute delight to teach and we wish her every success as she leaves Oaks to move into Year 2.

Mrs Evans & Mrs Norwood


Governors' award Reception - Benedict Lucas

Benedict has had a super start to school life, and he is an exemplary pupil in so many ways.

He is a gentle, thoughtful and caring member of the class and shows great empathy to his peers, happy to be involved with anyone and everyone in his play.

We are delighted with the positive attitude he consistently shows to his work, whether this is something set by an adult or that he has initiated himself. He demonstrates amazing determination when tackling new tasks and will always do his best in everything that he does.

 Benedict consistently wears a smile around the classroom and shows a super level of maturity knowing when it is time to concentrate, listen and focus or to giggle and run around having fun with his peers. He is always polite and helpful to all in the classroom. A real joy to have around!

We know he will continue to go from strength to strength and look forward to seeing all of the great things he will achieve as he progresses through the school.

Mrs Evans & Mrs Norwood




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