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Harry's Poem

My Magic Box


I will put In my box…

the football kicked by Messi,

a spaceship from outer space,

my two dogs, smelly but sweet.


I will put in my box…

the memory of pets that have passed away,

a brand new football that still smells of the shop,

the rich smell of mud taken from the rugby ground.


I will put in my box…

my new bike that I’ve cycled 30 miles on,

the memory of puppy’s sold,

and the long life of a human being.


My box is fashioned from silver and pure gold and rubies,

with spaceship lasers carved into the lid and diamonds for the corners.

its hinges are made from the strongest gold.


I shall fly in my box on the wind out to space,

where I will take my treasures to the last planet in our universe.


By Harry C, Year 5



  • Oak - 97.11%
  • Rowan - 96.82%
  • Beech - 92.39%
  • Silver Birch - 92.75%
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