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Please see the tabs below for our remote learning lessons and activities.  If your child is at home because they are self-isolating use these to help keep them up to speed with the learning taking place in school.  A timetable with an idea of how to structure your child's home learning is given as a guide below. 


We are aware of the parental involvement that is needed in home learning and we always try to provide activities that are enjoyable and achievable for your child at home, whilst ensuring that they are being challenge. A rough guide for the time that should be spent on 'home learning' is three hours for our Year 1 children and two hours for our Year R children.


Whilst our Year 1 children follow a more structured timetable, we want our Year R children to be following play-based activities and not sitting down at a table (although this could be appropriate at times). We ask you to please record any of the learning that takes place whilst your child is at home in your child's home learning book. Date and write what has been covered.  Please return the home learning book to us once your child is well enough to return to school. As always, please ask if you have any questions along the way and know that we will be in contact with you during your child's absence to offer any support.



WEEK 1  5th -7th January

If you are ill or self-isolating during the first few days then please complete the following tasks

  • Recap all phonics sounds, reading and writing them. Visit '' for different activities (year R Phase 2 and Year 1 Phase 4 activities)
  • Daily reading
  • 'Number Hunt' - Take a clipboard, a piece of paper and a pencil and go outside. How many different numbers can you find in your environment? Record them as you find them!
  • Create a picture showing your 'Hopes and wishes' for 2022 - Can you record 3?
  • Go on a 'Winter scavenger hunt' - Can you find...a feather, an ever-green tree, a winter bud, an animal track, lichen, a pinecone, a puddle, a bird and a shadow?
  • Make a lovely cup of hot chocolate but put your own twist on it! Mmmmmm delicious!

An example timetable for remote learning for Year 1

Below we have created a timetable for you to follow if you should so wish. It also gives you timings to work to. This is only a guide and shows you how we roughly structure the learning in class. Please be flexible with the timings as every child's ability, focus and learning is different.

9.00 - 9.209.30 - 10.10Break 10.10 - 10.3010.30 - 11.1011.10 - 12.00


30 mins set activity


10 mins reading



30 mins set activity


10 mins of number recognition,

number formation and counting

(Year Rs within 20/Year 1s within 50)


For number recognition and counting online games try -





For the afternoon, please look at the activities in the 'Topic' tab.

Year R 

For our younger children we would expect around 2 hours of 'play' based work with an adult.

The activities set could only take a short amount of time but equally if your child is fully involved and continues to lead the play it may go on longer. You know your child, please do what you feel is right for them!

Reading and phonics are essential, so please do these. We have then also included Literacy and Numeracy tasks for them to follow, along with PE sessions. In addition to this, we have created a Bingo activity grid which you might want to use for other ideas. This can be found in the 'Topic' tab.



  • Oak - 90.69%
  • Rowan - 91.49%
  • Beech - 88.13%
  • Silver Birch - 90.78%
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