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Amazing homework about the childrens' World Cup Football Team

Information to help with the homework!


Homework is set each week with a view to integrating the learning which has taken place that week. I try to give the children a variety of topics and activities that will enthuse their imagination and creativity.


As a general timescale, homework should not be chore, and so between 30mins to an hour is sufficient. Some children prefer to do it in one go, others prefer to do it in small amounts over a few days. Each is fine and really depends on the way your child works best.


Ideally, the homework should be completed by the child. Sometimes a 'little' assistance might be required, that is fine! If there is writing involved, then perhaps a paragraph or two, or 5 -10 bullet points of information would be considered sufficient. However, some children will want to do more and so long as they are enjoying the work, I say, 'Go for it!'


Regarding spellings - the children seem to like having some spellings to learn at home, however, there is no expectation for them to learn them 'rote fashion' as we don't have a formal spelling test, but rather in class we use these spellings in our work, learn spelling patterns, reinforce high frequency words and sometimes have a go at Look, Cover, Write and Check throughout the week.


Primarily the spellings that the children are learning each week are aimed at helping the children to read, develop their fluency in writing and to understand word meanings. You may want to help your child by reading their book regularly 3-4 times a week and reading the spelling list too. (See spelling icon on Beech class page.)


Above all, the homework will be completed differently by each child because they are all working at different levels - that is absolutely fine!


Enjoy and good luck...Miss Cox smiley




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