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March 2018


Last Monday we went to the living rainforest .  I enjoyed seeing the sloth. nocheekycoolFraser 29/03/18


Yesterday we made easter cards and baskets with all sorts of goodies in itsadfrowndevilkissHarry.W 29/03/2018


Today we did loads of fun things . We are also going to the church for an Easter Servicecheekyheartsurprise Tabitha 29.03.18


On Monday we went to the living rainforest and we saw a sloth and some poison dart frogs and now I've

seen an armadillo in a rainforest YO ! and on the way there it was lovely for miss Nicklin because she had to clean up the sick!! Miss cox was very grateful!!  29.03.18   Finlay angrydevilkiss


We've had a great term in Beech class and never a dull moment! Snow, ice and Ofsted amongst other things sad But best of all, we enjoy our days and spending time with the children, all under the watchful eye of Miss Cox.

Happy Easter heart Mrs Nicklin 29.03.18


On Monday we went to the living rainforest. There were monkeys, snakes, sloths and much more. Miss Nicklin was very happy when Liam, Daisy and Lennie through up. frownRonniefrownheart     29.03.18


What a wonderful term with a wonderful team. Thank you Beech and Mrs N and have a lovely Easter. Heere's to another fab term  Miss cox  29.03.18


This week we went to the Living Rainforest!no But...4 people through upsadangel And  they were Daisy, Lennie, Liam and Tabitha!angelenlightened{Zak}29/3/18}


On Monday we went to the living rainforest and there was a sloth who was asleep in the tree I threw upsad but I was fine,

there was a monkey having a staring contest with me angryit was like it was a monster about to attack mebroken heart 29/03/2018

Lennie cheeky











Last Friday Beech had a assembly on RAINFOREST!devil and we sang a rap and a song. And we dressed like we were going to the Rainforestdevilcheekysurprise Zak 23/03/18


This week we had the inspection !sadAlso it was silver birches assembly which was great!smileynodevil

By Zak {23/03/18}devilangry


Today we were on the computers. We were on a new website called "Purple mash". I say its the best website evercheekynofrown

    {Katie heart} 23/03/18


On Friday  last week we had our CLASS ASSEMBLY ABOUT THE RAINFOREST. Ashton and I were jokers with blue hairfrown heartRonnieheart 23/03/18


I really enjoyed our class assembly last week  and I read my poem, facts and prayer. I love purple mash, its soo fun and I love the games and art. Ivy heartsurprisefrownkiss 23/03/18



Today was really fun so far even maths [Brianna]smiley 09/03/18


 Today we got our free time I am  playing  our board games with Amelia and Lucy at the moment I am playing Lucy's game then mine no it is very exiting playing Lucy's game. Its a very good day today. I like what we are doing in English/ writing our stories.heartsmiley by Grace 09/03/18


Katie and I wrote for the Kings World magazine and everyone made our own emotions board game! nosurprise{Safwan} 9/3/18


We had free time this afternoon! For homework we made board games. It was really fun (and slightly stressful). In our free time we all went on the laptops. We have had great fun all round. Life has never  been better! smileynofrowncheekysurpriseindecision(JONTY)






  • Oak - 91.48%
  • Rowan - 91.54%
  • Beech - 87.04%
  • Silver Birch - 92.00%
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