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November 2017 Blogging


I really liked making a classroom on a computer and making an adventure storyfrownMATTY     24/11/17


SO far I have really enjoyed doing an adventure story.laughcheeky Eliot     24/11/17


So far i have been having a lovley time leaning about the stone Age bronze Age and the iron Age     James surprisecheeky  24/11/17


We have learnt about the Stone Age and we learnt about the forests with bears and wolves and I've had a good time in my classroom so far. heartbroken heartkiss   Lucy


Darcey wanted me Miss cox to tell you that she really liked the science lesson on electricity yesterday and liked using the classroom planning program on the computer!  24/11/17  cheeky


Its been really fun learning about stone age in Beech Class  and doing lots of hard fractions.(By Daisy).



Its been really fun doing firework poemscheeky by (Tabitha) 03/11/17


I have had lots of fun learning about Guy Fawkes,Fireworks and Bonfires(BY  ELLWOOD)surprisefrownsmileynoheartdevil



Guy Fawkes was hanged,I liked learning about Guy Fawkes. He tried to kill King James I  ( By Harry D) devil angry



I really enjoyed doing the guy fawkes homework and I was very proud of my drawing. IM REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT HOMEWORKlaugh10/11/2017 (By Harry.W)


It has been really fun learning all about the Bronze Age I have been really proud of my work and Miss Cox is exellent at keeping us under control.smileylaughnodevilsurpriseindecisionfrown(BY JONTY HOK) 10/11/17


It has been fun learning all about Stone age and Bronze age I love doing homework ( Tilda  10/11/17nolaugh


I like the work were doing I have enjoyed learning about the bronze agenosmileylaughfrown (Fraser  10/11/17)


All goin' good so far this term . Bronze Age tastic!!!!!!!!nolaughcheeky (Neo  10/11/17)


Its been really cool learning about the Bronze Age and what they did also looking foward to see what we're doing nextnosurprisefrowndevilindecision(Safwan 10/11/17)


Hi  guys its my birthday today I am 8. We didn't have to go to school in uniform today because it is mufti day and we can wear spots as it is Children in Need Day. Today we did boring stuff like maths and then computers using Scratch. I found it tricky.

( Finlay kisscool 17/11/17)


I am really enjoying  leaning  about wolves and  bears  so far  in the ''Wolf  Brother''. Also it has been fun learning  about 

the Bronze Age as well.We didn't go to school in uniform today. It was fun without  school uniform. It was tricky getting on

to  scratch but I got there in the end.(Toby 17.11.17)angrysmileynodevilindecisionsurpriselaughfrowncheekycheekycryinglaugh.  


I Liked computing today because we did scratch! (Zachary) 17/11/17


Its been all going good this week in Beech loved making our roundhouses and the roundhouse village looks awesomenosmileysurprise (Safwan 17/11/17)


This week I have had soo much fun. We made our round house and did computing. I am happy because I got my bronze award!! frowncheekyheartsurprisenomail (Ivy 17/11/17)



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