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Beech Class have just begun their new focus in Science - Electricity. This is always a popular element of the subject and today the children were given the tools and asked to work in pairs to make a circuit. Initially, this word meant not a lot to quite a few children. However, after some using and apply, testing and refining, they began their journey to becoming 'electricians!'

Here are a few moments captured by George , one of our year 4 boys.

We are learning about Sound in science and have been understanding how sound travels. This week we conducted an experiment to locate the loudest and quietest parts of our outside area. Initially we used very low-tech strategies such as listening to the various sounds around and rating the level of sound. We then used an app on the iPad called 'Soundoscope'. This has helped us to visually see the levels of sound through frequency waves - great fun!

Here are a few photos of our lesson:

Learning about how sound travels

We have looked at how sound travels and how we hear sound through the complicated mechanisms of our ears. Now we are devising a way of finding out which materials absorb sound and by how much. Here are some pictures of us working through our experiment. Ensuring we were equal and consistent in out approach was proving tricky!

Trying to find out which materials absorb sound the most



  • Oak - 91.48%
  • Rowan - 91.54%
  • Beech - 87.04%
  • Silver Birch - 92.00%
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