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What will we be learning in Autumn Term 1?

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What will we cover in Term 4?

Following the most recent lockdown, our focus will be on settling back into school, our friendships and our wellbeing. We will spend the first two weeks settling back into school routines and will help eachother to feel safe and happy through team building activities and PSHE sessions. We will be getting our hands dirty with gardening and forest school activities and will be welcoming some insect pets into the classroom as part of our 'Living things and their Habitat' Science topic. We will learn about different habitats, how animals are adapted to their habitats and then will move onto learning about plants. Lots of art activities are going to keep us busy this term, including petal collages, observational drawings and 3D clay creations! In English we will continue to build up our confidence and fluency in reading and will be working on improving our sentences with key punctuation, grammar elements and interesting vocabulary to write about big cats!  Maths is something we will be assessing on our return to school, and from there we will address the areas of maths we need the most work on. Most importantly of all, we are going to have fun and learn together laugh.

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