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Our Rhyming Rainforest Poems. This term we have been learning about The Rainforest. Today we created poetry which rhymes. We looked at two formats: frown AABB and surprise ABAB Here are a few for you to enjoy.

This term Beech Class have been working in a very cross curricular way. We have been studying the topic 'Stone Age' and have discovered that we have been incorporating : English, Maths, Science, History, Computing, PE, Music, Geography, Art and DT! Wow!

We had fun writing Stone Age Limericks. Here are a few:


My Stone Age Limerick

There once was a Stone Age boy

Who met a girl called Om

The girl said hello

And the girl skipped along

But the boy was too shy to go too

By Bertie


My Stone Age Limerick

There once was a Stone Age boy

who rolled past 10,000 toys

but this little boy fell

into a great big well

and was never to be seen again!

By Harry Winkworth


My Stone Age Limerick by Jonty Hok

There was an old Stone Age man,

Who had a quite clever fan,

O let me read mine,

I have nice rhyme,

And just so you know my name’s Thyme.

My Stone Age Limerick

There once was a Stone Age boy

Who sat on a very wet rock

He saw a little girl

Walking up the road

So they sat on the bench to chat.


By Amelia Howlett.


My Stone Age Limerick by Tabitha

There was a woolly mammoth

who crashed straight into a stone wall

he broke his horn

and scratched hoof

and that was the end of the wall!








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