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Friday 15th October 2021

We have been learning about the 'Dreamtime Story' artwork that is traditionally produced by Indigenous Australian people to communicate with their ancestors and tell stories of the time before humans. We have been looking at symbols that represent key features of a journey, and have been experimenting with colours, paint and pastel to bring our own dreamtime story artwork to life. Please use the Powerpoints below and your own online research to create your own dreamtime story piece of art!

Thursday 14th October 2021

Science - Use today to research magnetic forces. What are magnets and how do magnets work? Which poles attract and which poles repel? Can you predict which items around your home might be attracted to a magnet? Which items do you predict will not be magnetic? Sort the items into two groups and draw these two groups with the items on paper. Label the groups with a subheading for 'magnetic' and 'non magnetic'. 


These websites may be a good starting point for you :)

Wednesday 13th October 2021 

History: Please use today to research the Wright brother's and their journey to become the first men to fly an engine-powered flyer. You could make notes, write a story, design a poster or make a PowerPoint presentation about their achievements and journey to success! 


RE: Revise the Christian Creation Story and create a piece of artwork to represent your favourite day of creation. Discuss what we can do at home and at school to help protect God's beautiful world. 

Please click on the Oak National Academy links below to access a library of age specific topic lessons. It would be beneficial to see what lessons appeal to you that will compliment what we are learning in class this term. 



Topics this term

Science: Forces and Magnets

History: The Wright Brothers

Geography: Locational Knowledge of the world, with a closer look at Europe and North and South America

RE: Christianity and Hinduism - Creation Stories

Computing: Basic Skills and Online Safety

Heartsmart: Don't Forget to Let Love In! 

PE: Invasion and Team Games

Music: Charanga Unit 'Let Your Spirit Fly' 

DT: Cooking and preparing food 

French: Simple greetings





Check out Emilia's Science Investigation!

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