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Topic Choice Grid

Please refer to the topic choice grid below and pick and choose which activity sparks your interest each day. These activities relate to the learning we are covering in Term 3 and are all centered around our Ancient Egypt topic. It is expected that the children will complete one of these topic activities every day, for around 45 minutes as part of their core daily learning. If a task takes longer than one sitting to complete, please feel free to continue it the following day as an ongoing project until it is finished. 


There are 29 activities listed in the grid (enough for one a day this term). Please make sure to tick off the activities you have completed and please aim to have completed at least 20 of these topic activities by half term. This will ensure that the children are accessing a range of subjects and meeting their different curriculum objectives in their learning.


If you have completed the grid and would like additional activities and ideas, please ping me an email and I will produce another Topic grid. smiley 

Home Learning Topic Choice Grid: Ancient Egypt

Covering topic activities - What could a rough weekly schedule look like?! 


Monday - Geography Task: Draw or trace a map of Egypt and label key landmarks (Duration: 45 minutes).

Tuesday - Cooking Task: Research an Egyptian recipe and make an Egyptian meal (Duration: 1 hour)

Wednesday Social/Literacy Task: Find, write and share some Ancient Egyptian themed jokes (Duration: 20 mins).

                                                                  - Write your name in hieroglyphics (Duration: 25 minutes). 

Thursday - Art Task: Create a painting or drawing of an Egyptian scene using different materials (Duration: 45 mins). 

Friday - Revisit and finish Art task from yesterday now the paint/glue etc is dry (Duration: 20 minutes).

                - Computing: Make a timeline of Pharaohs and/or key events in Egyptian times ( Duration: 30 minutes to                                get started on the task and familiarise myself with PowerPoint/Microsoft word). 

                On the following Monday I can pick up where I left off and spend 45 minutes on my timeline and research. 



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