We hope you all had a lovely Easter. Welcome to Summer Term!!
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Week 4 24.1

Monday - Write a letter to a relative/close friend

People love receiving letters in the post - who will you send yours to and bring a smile to their face!?

Year R - Encourage your child to have a go at writing their letter - start them off by writing 'Dear' and ask if they can write the name (segmenting the word to hear the individual sounds and using their phonics sheet if they need help forming the letter). Can they write a sentence now? What would they like to say? Work on each word at a time and do not worry if they don't write all of the letters, if they get the initial and end sound down that's brilliant, anything in the middle is a bonus. They could then draw a picture and label it. and sign off with 'Love from' and their name.

Year 1 - Write at least 4 sentences. Can one of these be a question, and can you remember to use a question mark? Remember to always say the sentence that you are going to write before writing it and reread it once you have written it!



Tuesday - Tricky Word Scavenger hunt.

Year R and Year 1 - Hide these words around your house (Year R - I, the, no, go, into    Year 1 - said, have, like, some, come, so) on cards. Then write them on a piece of paper for your child to use to hunt the words (see here as an example). Can they tick them off when they find them, reading them first, Year 1s could write it in a sentence before finding the next word! You could then choose some different words for your child to write for you to find (Year R - Phase 2/3 Year 1 - Phase 4/5)

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Year R:

An ongoing theme for us over the whole of the year is the seasons and the weather in each season.  You can do these activities from Oak Academy:


Session 1:


Session 2:


Session 3:


Year 1

In class this week we are doing a very practical topic which doesn't translate easily to home learning, so spend this week doing Science/English and learning about materials which is our Science topic.


Session 1:


Session 2:


Session 3:



  • Oak - 91.46%
  • Rowan - 91.53%
  • Beech - 86.79%
  • Silver Birch - 91.84%
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