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Instructions for Beech Class's Work

Work instructions for June 5th - June 25th..ish

Hi Beech!  Miss Cox here!wink

You will be so pleased to know that I have been busy working away putting together another variety of activities for you to get cracking on with once again! Yes, I know that you are very grateful for this next instalment of work! This set will probably take you up to the last week in June, but if you finish before, email me, and I can always add more! laugh

I have provided am A4 Word Doc with a checklist of all activities. 

Don't forget you can use Purple Mash and Times Table Rock Stars as well.

So, enjoy the new work and remember to make yourself proud of your achievements. yes


A4 Word Doc Checklist of new work for Beech class June 5th - June 25th ..ish!

Activities and Resources for Beech Class Work June 5th - June 25th


Work for Set 3 - May 7th - May 23rd...ish!

Hi Beech Class. I have been working on ensuring you are all kept busy with more Maths, English, History and Creative Activities. I have also included some Science Work this time...I know, you are so lucky to have such a thoughtful teacher!wink

I have tried to group work in Word documents along with instructions. The other weblinks and PDF's you can click as and when you need. Some of you were finding it hard to open PDF's - there is free converting software online - I have had to find free software to unzip the files I wanted for you! Any problems though, let me know sooner rather than later, as it takes quite a while to get resources together and the personnel to do it!

Enjoy and Keep Learning! yes

Miss Cox

Video instructions are found in the icon section  'Miss Cox Video Chats' 

Maths update to support parents re work for May 10th - 31st

Some of the photographs of the maths pages on the A4 word document appear tricky to read for a few people. Suggestions have been made that using an iPad or tablet and opening these in this hardware is easier to read.


Also I would like to clarify the order of working through the maths work:

1.   Please do the work on fractions first  - the abacas book is more square shaped and has illustrations/pictures in amongst 

      the questions! Year 4 leave the decimals till the last.

2.   Next work through the times tables

3.   Then complete the multiplying and dividing work

4.   Finally work through the problem solving activities of money, graphs, weights and measure, and compass/direction. 


The children should be able to tell you which pages are from the CGP books as they are familiar with the layout.

I hope that gives a little more clarity!

Miss Cox

Beech Class Work for the coming few weeks May 7th - May 23rd ish! Instructions on Word doc, plus other digital resources you will need including PDF of Ebook for 'Revolt Against The Romans' Have fun !

Video instructions to help with your work from April 20th to May 3rd ..ish

Part 1 instructions for Beech Class Work - first 2 weeks of summer term 2020

Still image for this video
April 20 - May 3rd..ish

Part 2 of Beech Class Work Instructions

Still image for this video
April 20 to May 3rd...ish

Final 3rd part to instructions Beech!

Still image for this video
April 20 to May 3rd ..ish
Work for Beech Class for the next 2 weeks - April 20th - May 1st

Beech Class Work for: Week 1 March 22nd and Week 2 March 29th

Music Resources from Hampshire Music Services for you to try during Easter



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