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Year 1 Art

Below is this term's topic 'Drawing' or you could also choose activities from the Art Bingo. Please complete these in your Home Learning book where appropriate or just record what has been covered with the date and simple comment.

Art Bingo

Winter Tree Art

Create your own winter tree

Junk Modelling

Create something using junk around your house. It must have legs!


Make your own playdough

Visit the 'Imagination Tree. best-ever-no--cook-play-dough'


Dino Skeleton

Use spaghetti to make a dinosaur skeleton

Draw or paint a picture of

your favourite dinosaur

Playdough lunch

Use your playdough to make your own delicious lunch!


Self portrait

Draw a picture of yourself. Use a mirror to help you include lots of details!

Nature's paint brush

Create your own paint brushes using a twig and things your find outdoors - feathers, leaves, moss etc. Use string or an elastic band to attach the found object to the top of your twig ...and start painting. Look at all of the wonderful marks you can make with it!


Balloon Dinosaurs

Blow up a balloon and use this as the dinosaur's body. Then using card add the arms, legs, head, spikes, tail etc. Good cutting skills needed!


Bird feeders

See 'CBeebies - Create a bird feeder with Mr Bloom' if you would like an idea of where

to start.


Egg box nature walk

Go on a walk and take an egg box. See how many interesting and fun things you can find to put in your box. 

Natural sun-catchers




Our focus for this half term is DRAWING


10.1  Week 2 - An introduction to drawing

  • Can recognise that ideas and emotions can be expressed in drawing.
  • Can experiment with drawing materials with an open mind.
  • Can understand what is meant by 'mark-making'.


17.1  Week 3 - Why is colour important in art?

  • Can try out a range of drawing materials and processes and recognise that they have different qualities.
  • Can use colour in a drawing to convey emotion.


24.1  Week 4 - Exploring shadows and tone

  • Can name some of the drawing tools, techniques, and the formal elements (colours, shapes, tones etc.) that they use in making drawings.
  • Can explore tone in drawing.


31.1  Week 5 - How can we bring our drawings to life?

  • Can use drawing materials purposefully to achieve particular characteristics or qualities.
  • Can understand how tone creates a sense of three-dimensionality.


7.2  Week 6 - Observational Drawing

  • Can recognise and describe some simple characteristics of different kinds of drawing.
  • Can show interest in and describe what they think about the drawings of others.


14.2  Week 7 - Who was Picasso?

Watch -

Discuss with an adult what you can remember about Picasso and what you thought of his art?




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  • Beech - 87.04%
  • Silver Birch - 92.00%
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