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Your Work Displayed Beech Class

Work from Beech Class June 5th - June 25th

Madeline in Year 4 received her Blue Peter Badge recently for making all sorts of things for people and for supporting good causes. Brilliant achievement Madeline!

Lowenna' s fantastic painting of 'The girl with the pearl earring' WOW!

Lowenna's Lockdown Poem!

Lowenna had made a lovely Tree House with several rooms and forgot to show it...I quite fancy one of these in my garden!

Madeline has yet again been so busy working through maths, SPaG, science, roman activities, weaving, baking and making a blanket for her gold badge in Brownies! Amazing work, well done Madeline 😀

George has produced some fabulous work about our composer Handel

Frederick has been extremely busy and enjoying all things Roman! He has completed maths, writing and re

Rosalie has done some amazing work. Beautifully presented Maths, some English, a daily diary of things she has done and cuttings from newspapers re Corvid19. Super effort !

Birdworld trip for Harrison and Louis with Betsy

Molly's new work including her delicious looking baking!

Aiden explaining how he remembers his 9x table

Still image for this video

Mila's Work - A lovely review of the book 'Revolt Against the Romans' plus her own SPaG sheet and other history and geography work...Fantastic!

Work from Beech Class Summer Term

May 10th - May 31st

Harrison and Louis samples of their work - well done boys I enjoyed looking through the work you've done.

Emma has been so busy working on her Maths and English. Well done Emma! She has even had to look after some animals from her own zoo in her lounge!

Lizzie has been working so hard with fractions, she has been learning about The Romans and has enjoyed creating a story with alliteration and dialogue for 'Friend and Foe' Take a peek at her performing this in the Beech Class video section

Madeline and her amazing maths work with fractions, data collecting, writing and lovely roman mosaic.......Super well done HP

Leo has been busy with his work on 'Friend and Foe'. Well done Leo.

Tessa and Lacy working hard and enjoying learning about Romans and Living Things!

Charlie and his sister using the outdoors to learn about plants and living things, making wooden Roman Swords.....oh and exercising too!

Autumn has been busy learning about The Romans, doing her science activities, and learning to map read! Great ! HP

Molly's letter having learnt about her grandfather in WWII and VE Day as well as being on a lovely walk, some marvellous maths, making a camera and having a Mexican experience!

George has been working really hard with his maths and writing and has done an amazing piece of art....Well done George!

Lowenna' s fabulously hard Roman Mosaic Puzzle which would have driven Miss Cox mad!

Andrew has been busy investigating ..everything including The Romans!

Summer Term - April 20th - May 6th 2020...smiley

George has been busy working on lots of maths, constructing Lego, practising his handwriting and learning about The Roman VE Day Celebrations...Well Done George.

Mila's amazing work on Vivaldi, The Romans and her more creative moments! Well done Mila, it is all presented so neatly. HP from Miss Cox

Lowenna' s lovely mini booklet about Britain's Patron Saints, a page from her journal and her summary on the book 'Escape from Pompeii' by Christina Balit HP! Plus a special Roman Mosaic that the Romans designed with an inscription that read 'Beware of the dogs!'

Madeline's fabulous Hama Bead Mosaic and other excellent maths, letter and topic work....including a cross section of a Roman Road !...HP to you Madeline, well done

Tessa and Lachy have been working very hard on all sorts of things and produced some beautiful writing. I love the pets guys! Well done.

A fab idea! Lizzie and Toby combining Topics....WWII and The Romans

Florence making face masks for the NHS. Well done Florence, what a lovely thing to do.

Emma has certainly been busy, baking, creating and working through lots of the school work. Super work Emma....well done you from Miss Cox

Rosalie's really great Treehouse construction.....brilliant work and well done Rosalie! Plus Andy Goldsworthy Creations and some maths work!

Jack's Remarkable Roman Mosaic ..I love it !

Autumn busy in the garden making bird boxes and signs for the NHS. Autumn's work on Patron saints of Britain

Charley K testing out his telephone devises and making Roman Soldiers, well, one Soldier!

Andrew has been very creative and have worked really hard with Maths and English too....super work HP!

Molly working hard constructing the start of a tree, Pompeii and the volcano work, baking, kite flying, some maths and sisters getting their daily exercise! Fab!