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Welcome to Beech Class!smiley



We are a fantastic class of  14 Year 3 and 18 Year 4 children. We have settled in well to our new class and are enjoying our new topic of The Stone Age to The Iron Age. Today we have been creating Stone Age style pictures and in our writing, we have begun to write an adventure cave story. This links in with our class book which is 'Stig of the Dump'.


Harvest Rehearsals

Harvest Rehearsals 1 Words, Paintings and Poses

There's Maths all around us!

There's Maths all around us! 1 Busy recording shapes 2d and 3d
There's Maths all around us! 2 Some serious measuring going on here!
There's Maths all around us! 3 How many wooden slats did you say?
There's Maths all around us! 4 Looking for different leaf shapes
There's Maths all around us! 5 Trying to estimate the rope squares
There's Maths all around us! 6 Finding the difference between length and width

Our Blog

We are learning about the Stone Age!!!

In our English,and Art we are learning about the stone age.We are having loads of fun.

Katie's comment: I love this topic because history is one of my favrouite topicsfrownno

(FROM KATIEsmiley)heart



We are also learning about 'Stig of the Dump' a book by Clive King.

Ronnies Comment:I love this book and stig is a really funny characternosurprise

(From Ronnieheart)



We're doing word problems in our maths and working as hard as we can.smiley

heartno!(BY AMELIA)



Today we are doing powerpoints on the laptops about stone age and limerick poemssmiley[by Brianna]



Today we started practsing are stone age boy play laughcheeky (from Bertie)



Today we have been practicing our own limericks nonocheekycheeky by Lennie



.We are having a great time learning stone age it is very funfrownsmiley by Grace


Resilience and Inspiration


There are times when we all need to reflect and evaluate what we are doing and how things are going. Being resilient is not always easy but by developing skills which enable us all to keep going and always do our best are what make us the unique individuals we grow into.


Mindfulness is a great way of focusing the mind and de-cluttering helping re-energise our positivity. 


  It's good to talk                      Believe in yourself              There's always a way out

It's good to talk      Believe in yourself   There is always a way out   



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