We are delighted to announce that Mr Jennings will be our new Headteacher in September, following Mrs Morton's retirement. Congratulations Mr J!
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Bingo Night - March 2018


Easter Fun - March 2018

This was a great day! The weather was relatively kind to us and we welcomed many families from within and outside the school community.


Thank you to Tammy and Alix for organising the team and also to Yann and Nick for allowing us to use the church and grounds.


The main purpose of this event was to create a fun family and community event, but we are very pleased to announce that it also made FOBS a whopping £531, out of which we will be making a contribution to Church Funds.

The Big Binsted Walk & BBQ - June 2018

This amazing event raised £4000 for the Grounds for Growth project - an amazing achievement on a scorching day! Thank you Gerald Taylor and your team for leading the way.

Festival of Bricks - November 2018

A fabulous event was had by all! Taking place at Eggars School, there was a host of LEGO themed stalls, games and activities. We ar ethrilled to announce that we welcomed over 1500 people of all ages and raised £3,400!

FOBS Christmas Fayre - December 2018

This year the children were able to visit Mrs Claus in our Christmas Grotto while the adults browsed the stalls.

We raised over £700.



  • Oak - 91.83%
  • Rowan - 93.31%
  • Beech - 90.68%
  • Silver Birch - 93.01%
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