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Phonics and Tricky Words

Phonics Information for Parents

We use the ELS scheme to teach phonics at Binsted School.  This is a scheme which is supported by the Oxford Owl e-books, as well as the school reading books.  Children are given reading books which only include the sounds that they have learnt which helps to build confidence.

Below are resources to support the ELS scheme - these include the sounds, harder to read and spell words and mats with pictures on to help the children to learn the sounds.


Summer Term 2022 - Year R have almost finished Phase 3 and Year 1 are learning Phase 5.

Summer Term 2022:

Year R have continued to progress through Phase 3 phonics sounds and we have sent home some work books for you to do with them over Easter and beyond.  The newer sounds are more complicated for them so as much revision as possible would be fantastic.    Ones to focus on in particular are:

oo in book

ar in car

ur in surf

oo in gloom

or in fork

ow in cow

oi in coin

ear in hear

air in hair

Please use the picture cards for these sounds to help your child remember them e.g. oo is a picture of a ‘book nook’



Year 1 have learnt some complicated sounds too this half term.  They have a workbook to use for the whole of the summer term.  Please note that they haven’t learnt all of the sounds yet, just the sounds below.  Please focus on these sounds for the next few weeks.  You might also want to revisit the sounds above (in Year R section) as these are also tricky.

ay in say

ou in cloud

ie in tie

ea in each

oy in boy

ir in bird

ue in blue

aw in saw

wh in wheat

ph in elephant

ew in new

oe in toe

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