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Phonics and Tricky Words

Harder to Read and Spell Words

From Friday 5th January the children will be coming home with a selection of words to learn to read. These words are non decodable using phonics alone and therefore they need to be learnt to be read by sight. Once the children have learnt to read them confidently we may then move them on to learning to spell them. The number of words given will vary per child, as every child is different, and we want it be suitable for the individual and their confidence. 

How you learn these together will depend on your child and how they learn/respond best. We will make suggestions for you to try. We will also be covering these words in our daily phonics sessions.


Every Friday we will work with each child to see if they are ready for a new set of words or if they would benefit from continuing with all/some of the words for the following week. Your help with this is greatly appreciated as being confident with these words really does help with your child’s reading fluency.



What is Blending? Blending is the skill that helps us to read. It involves pushing together the sounds of the letters in the word in order to create the whole world. 

f      i      sh        = fish


Children master this skill differently, some just 'get it' quite quickly and others need a lot more input. Practice, practice and practice is key. Our job as adults is to support best we can, as they will get there! Modelling orally how to blend and create a word and how to break a word apart is how to start a child's blending (reading) and segmenting (writing) journey. Once children can blend at an oral level, blending words in print becomes a lot easier (so that means speak like a robot (sound talk) at home sometimes - "Please go and get your c - oa - t" or "Have you seen your m - u - m?" and get your child to do the same. 

The other important thing to note is that children do need to know their letter sounds well, otherwise a lot of mental energy is spent working out the sounds and not blending for reading. 


For STRATEGIES and ACTIVITIES please see the links below.

Harder to Read and Spell Words - Please learn during Autumn half term

Phonics Information for Parents

We use the ELS scheme to teach phonics at Binsted School (see the link below for more details). Year R children start at Phase 2 using ELS and then progress through Phase 3 and 4 during their time in Oak Class.  


This is a scheme which is supported by the Oxford Owl e-books, as well as the school reading books.  Children are given reading books that include the sounds they are currently learning which will help to build their confidence.


Below are some resources to support the ELS scheme - this includes:

  • a super useful parent's guide to the sounds and their pictures in the ELS scheme
  • the sounds
  • harder to read and spell words
  • mats with pictures on to help the children to learn the sounds.


Phase 2 Sounds Pronuciation

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Phase 3 Sounds Pronunciation

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  • Oak - 91.83%
  • Rowan - 93.31%
  • Beech - 90.68%
  • Silver Birch - 93.01%
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