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Times Tables House Challenge

Times Tables Tournament


Houses go head to head!


Every Friday the whole school will take part in a times table tournament. They will take a small test on the times tables they have been learning throughout the week in their classes. Scores are then added up and during Mondays assembly the winning house is announced. The house with the highest score gets 40 house points added to their house total, five minutes extra play and a times table trophy. The trophy will go back onto the table at the end of the week for the following weeks tournament.


We really need parents on board to help make times tables part of their child's daily routine. Times tables can help your child to understand other Mathematical concepts. Knowing their times tables can also help your child more readily grasp other important aspects of maths, such as fractions, division and percentages.


The times tables set for each class will be put up weekly on class pages under homework. You can also find them below. Please practice the times tables with your child daily for at least 10 minutes each day, this could be done on the way to school. There are lots of Apps that can be downloaded to make it more fun for your child. One of our favourites is 'Hit the button' on Topmarks (, they can go against the clock, record their score and then see if they can beat it next time.


So who will it be, Emerald, Ruby or Amber taking home the trophy this week?



Date 11.11.19 18.11.19 25.11.19 02.12.19 09.12.19 16.12.19
Oaks Number bonds to 10 Number bonds to 10 Number bonds to 10 Number bonds to 10 Number bonds to 10 Number bonds to 10
Rowans 10x 10x 5x 5x 2x 2x
Beech 3x 4x 3x 4x 6x        
Silver Birch x8 x9 x11 x12 x7  




  • Oak - 95.87%
  • Rowan - 95.74%
  • Beech - 94.01%
  • Silver Birch - 96.19%
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