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We just wanted to let you know that on Friday 22nd your child will be coming home with two 'pink' books containing words. 

These decodable books provide opportunities to practice the letters and sounds taught over the week. These should be practiced at home as much as possible until the following Friday where the books will be changed to follow the new sounds of that week. You can supplement these books by accessing the 'Oxford Owl' ebooks - the details on how to access these will be sent out this week. Please note that week 5 of our phase 2 phonics teaching is a review week and as a consequence we will be giving the children books from the previous weeks to recap the sounds as needed. As always, do not hesitate to come and see us if you have any questions.

Welcome to Oak Class Autumn Term 2023


Three weeks in and the children are doing so well!

We are very proud of how well they are settling into the school routine, making friends, dealing with all of their emotions, facing new adults and 'big' children daily, being willing to have a go at new challenges...and embracing school lunches (which can be very daunting when you're so little!)


We are aware that a lot of the time the children come home and when asked, say that they did 'nothing' at school today. They may need a little down time before sharing or just need to switch off from school. But please keep checking Tapestry and our Class page as we will try and put things on regularly for you to share with your child.


Now they are in full time...regular early bedtimes work wonders for tired little bodies and minds!





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