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Welcome to Oak Class 2018 - 2019


We are now a Reception and Year 1 class and there are 18 of us altogether. We have all had a great start to the year and have settled into school life brilliantly.

Our teachers are Mrs Norwood (Mondays and Tuesdays), Mrs Evans (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays), Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Ismay.

Our Fantastic Class!

Our Fantastic Class! 1

Our class trip to Frensham Little Ponds on July 8th

Today we went to Frensham for our class trip and had a fantastic day out together. We made clay faces on the trees, walked around the whole of the pond collecting things of interest on the way. We then had a picnic lunch, an ice-cream (the highlight of the trip!) and then a play on the beach. The class were all brilliant! Thank you for a great class trip!

A Special Visit

Before Easter, Oak Class were learning about 'The History of Toys' and some of the class brought in toys from their parent's and grandparent's childhoods.  Chloe brought in a steam engine that belonged to her Grandad.  Oak Class really wanted to find out how it worked, so Chloe's Grandad kindly came in to show us.  The children found it very exciting.  Thank you very much!


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Easter 2019

Oak Class really enjoyed acting out the Easter story round the classroom.  They also enjoyed trying hot cross buns while learning about how Christians celebrate Easter.

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Scottish Day (Burn's Night 2019)

In Geography we have been learning about the countries and capital cities of the UK.  Burn's Night happened to be this week, so we decided to have a day learning about Scotland.  We started the day with taking a virtual tour of Edinburgh with Barnaby Bear, we then took part in many activities including- designing tartan, making Scottish flags, making thistles, tasting shortbread, making Scottish landmarks in construction and using map apps to find out more about Edinburgh.


After break we continued our activities but also made some Scottish tablet together and learnt about Burn's Night.  Mrs Evans also painted our faces!


After lunch, we had a go at some Scottish country dancing, it was quite tricky but everyone tried really hard to master the steps.  Mrs Evans said that she has been to many ceilidhs where adults can't get the steps quite right, so Oak Class did very well!  You can see us dancing in the video resource centre.



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Child Initiated singing!

Still image for this video
Oak class have been exploring why Christians have nativity plays at Christmas.  During “child initiated learning time”, children have been acting out the nativity story, reading books, finding nativity scenes on the internet, writing about it and making nativity scenes.   Iya even made a stable for Mrs Evans’ “cork nativity!  Mrs Apsee also gave us a lovely nativity colouring poster that Oak class have really enjoyed! Thank you!

Amazing counting!

Amazing counting! 1
Year R each chose a number between 10 and 20 to represent with drawings or objects.  Well done everyone!

Oak Class RE - Autumn 1

In Oak Class we have been learning about what Christians believe about God and Creation.  We made our own jelly fish....but couldn't make them alive, no matter how hard we tried!  We learnt about Harvest and celebrated Harvest ourselves as a school in the Binsted Church.  The children in their child initiated learning time have enjoyed making churches and harvest festival scenes as well as looking after creation in the mud kitchen.


We have learnt that the name of God is very important to Christians and that our names are important too.

Oak Class 2017-2018

All in a busy day of play!


Lighthouses 1
Lighthouses 2
Lighthouses 3
Lighthouses 4
Lighthouses 5
Lighthouses 6
Lighthouses 7
Lighthouses 8
Lighthouses 9
Lighthouses 10
Lighthouses 11
Lighthouses 12
Lighthouses 13
Lighthouses 14

To finish off our mini topic on “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch,” Oak Class made some lighthouses.  Some generous crisp eating parents donated some lovely tubes perfect for the job! 


The children set to work with very little instruction and made their lighthouses, cutting, sticking and drawing.  When they had finished the children made a circuit, lighting a bulb for the top (they can’t keep those sadly!) We investigated circuits yesterday and the children were able to put what they’d learnt into practice.  


Well done Oaks! 

Ice Cream creations

Ice Cream creations  1
Ice Cream creations  2
Ice Cream creations  3
Ice Cream creations  4
Ice Cream creations  5

In Oak Class we have been learning about ‘The Seaside’ and this week our maths focus has been ‘money.’  Earlier in the week, the children were given an ice cream menu, they also had 10p to spend on their ice cream toppings.  The had to read the menu and decide what they wanted to buy to put on their ice cream.  They had to work out what they could afford as they added items to their design.  Today we made our ice creams following the plans! The children thoroughly enjoyed them with most licking their bowls at the end (this was first suggested by Iya “because we don’t want there to be any waste!”  A great excuse if ever I heard one!)

Crime Scene! 



On Friday, Oak Class arrived at school to find a crime scene in their classroom.    The classroom was covered in footprints and hazard tape, and the golden egg from our giants castle role play was missing! The children talked together and shared ideas about who they thought had taken the egg and what they were going to do about it!  Mr Jennings was the number one suspect!  The children then set about making posters to inform the rest of the school about the missing egg.  Some measured the footprints and then went around school trying to find the culprit by the size of their shoes! 

They finally found that Mrs Kiely had taken the egg as she mistook it for one of the “Easter Fun Day” eggs and had taken it to the office for safe keeping!  


With Shrove Tuesday falling in half term, we had to celebrate on the last day of term!   The children followed a recipe and weighed the ingredients to make the pancakes under the watchful eye of Mrs Ismay.  The children had the very traditional toppings of lemon and sugar. Some of the photos were taken by the children. The pancakes were very well enjoyed!



This is the Bear

Oak Class have been learning to rhyme using the "This is the Bear" books.  On Thursday, some Year One children came in to create their own rhyming sentences about bears using 'Book Creator' on the ipads.  They chose rhyming objects from the classroom, took photos of the bears and typed their sentences with the pictures.  They then showed their work to Oak Class.  Some of the children in Reception chose to take pictures of bears and either speak a sentence or to have a go at typing one.  Well done everyone!


Learning about Bonfire Night
We have had a busy couple of days learning about Bonfire Night.  We have talked about fireworks and firework safety, looking forward to Bonfire Night itself.  We have also learnt about Guy Fawkes, drawn our own fireworks, designed firework displays on the computer, made edible sparklers (while learning about melting!) and even made a musical display.

Our musical firework display

Still image for this video
We explored the sounds of different instruments and made firework noises. We put them all together to make a musical firework display. We hope you enjoy it!

Firework Pictures

Class Acrostic Poem



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  • Beech - 94.79%
  • Silver Birch - 97.49%
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