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Pupil Premium

2020 to 2021


What is the Pupil Premium?


Pupil premium is specific additional Government funding, provided to schools to support the education of pupils who are entitled to Free School meals both currently or in the last six years. This year the pupil premium allocation is £6,725 . 


Governors and staff allocate how the funding is used and this is reviewed termly throughout the financial year.


Each term, The Senior leadership Team hold Pupil Progress meetings with teachers to review how each class is performing. This includes a detailed discussion about pupils who are eligible for Pupil Premium funding; the impact of targeted, additional support; progress versus attainment and next steps for development.


The keys barrier identified in the current School Improvement plan are:

2020-2022 Binsted CE School Improvement Plan

October 2020

All our plans, actions and outcomes recognise the challenges that the Covid 19 Global pandemic has and is placing upon the whole school community – we are working together to close gaps in progress and attainment whilst taking account of the physical and Emotional impact that the pandemic is causing for all.

2020 -2022 SIP plan will focus on:

1. Promoting outstanding Leadership & Governance of staff& pupils; prioritising the emotional wellbeing of the whole school community through a broad and balanced curriculum.

2. Improving pupil achievement through assessment & good teaching   - linking directly with the English, Maths, Science and Foundation action plans & Performance Management. Whole school target 60-80% & EYFS60- 80% pupils achieve the Good Level of Development. 15-20% Greater Depth

3. Mental arithmetic, place value, fractions & instant recall of number facts

4. to improve the quality of the teaching of writing in all key stages so that the most able pupils are challenged sufficiently and more attain the higher standards in writing in key stage 2  - improving sustained quality writing across all Key Stages making sure that our GD are challenged through a rich diet. (OFSTED target)

5. Improve pupils’ attendance so that it is at least in line with the national average (95%) (Ofsted March18)

6. Deepen pupils’ understanding of the Christian belief of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit as an important aspect of Christian worship, nurturing their spiritual lives.  (SIAMS March 19)

7. Extend pupils’ knowledge and understanding of a diverse range of living world faiths and worldviews, including some more minor faiths, to enrich pupils’ cultural awareness. 


We also believe it is vital to build up emotional resilience and social skills, alongside the individual learning needs, this is particularly important during the current Covid 19 Pandemic.


Breakdown of funding

To protect the anonymity of children and families we do not publish itemised details and costs, however, we have included a breakdown of some of the ways we support our pupils.


  • funded places at our Breakfast and After school club.
  • funded extracurricular activities such as sports clubs, musical events and residential trips.
  • funded music lesson
  • funded day trips
  • Individual Emotional Literacy Support
  • Teacher and Teaching Assistant additional support
  • transporting pupils to and from school as well as extracurricular activities 


What our families and children think: 


 "X has made considerable progress. School has been the one ‘constant’… It has given her confidence to believe in herself and her ability."


"Thank you for all your help…we have noticed an improvement in her motor skills. She seems really happy and enjoys School."


"I am really pleased with how well I have done in my SATs, I never thought I’d get such good results, I feel proud of ‘what I did’."


"I think that I am much better at making friends and talking to adults."


" I  like having breakfast at school"


"I like Mrs Benwell helping me" (ELSA)



  • Oak - 90.96%
  • Rowan - 91.91%
  • Beech - 87.03%
  • Silver Birch - 91.70%
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