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Welcome to Rowan Class!

A big, smiley welcome back to school after the summer holidays. I hope you all had a safe and happy break and managed to search out some sun! It has been wonderful to settle back in as a new class; The Year 3's have been brilliant at helping the Year 2's in their new classroom and we are so excited to welcome George, Oscar, Alba, Arabella, Benedict and William this year. What a fantastic year of learning we have ahead of us!


This term, our focus in English will be Traditional Tales, specifically tales with a bit of a twist. We will be writing our own versions of Little Red Reading Hood by Lucy Rowland and learning lots of story telling language and conventions through drama and roleplay. Later in the term, we will focus on writing and performing our own Autumn inspired poems too! A big focus for us in Rowan class this year is with reading for pleasure - each day we will spend 30 minutes reading in groups and discussing story themes, language and characters as a class. 


In Maths, we will be working on our number and place value knowledge. In Year 2, we will be getting comfortable with counting, recognising and representing numbers to 100, and in Year 3 this will be with numbers up to 1,000. We will be using lots of practical resources to improve our understanding of numbers and will continue to practise counting in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10 and revising our 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 Times Tables throughout the year. 


Topics this term

Science: Forces and Magnets

History: The Gunpowder Plot and Bonfire Night

Geography: Locational Knowledge of the world, with a closer look at Europe and North and South America

RE: Christianity and Hinduism - Creation Stories

Computing: Basic Skills and Online Safety

Heartsmart: Don't Forget to Let Love In! 

PE: Invasion and Team Games

Music: Charanga Unit 'Let Your Spirit Fly' 

DT: Cooking and preparing food 

French: Simple greetings


Please see the tabs below for other useful information, documents and photos of what we've been up to! These will be uploaded and updated as we settle into the term. If you have any questions or want to get in touch, please speak to me at school pick up time or email me at 


Miss Darby laugh

Update - Friday 24th September

This week, we have started learning about forces and how they act in every day life. We have been exploring push and pull forces and have been thinking about the importance of gravity and friction. The children loved looking at how gravity is much weaker or absent in space. This led us on to a discussion about all things that fly! We have started to learn about the Wright brothers who flew the first engine powered, piloted flyer in 1903 and have explored man's attempt to fly before this time. Please ask the children what flight inventions came before the Wright brothers glider - hopefully they'll tell you about Chinese kites, Leonardo da Vinci's 'helicopter' drawings and hot air balloons! 


Our Little Red Reading Hood stories are coming along a treat. The children are using some fantastic vocabulary and working hard to remember their capital letters, full stops and to add detail through reading and editing. Please see below for our marvellous maths pictures - we've been focussing lots on tens and ones within 2-digit and 3-digit numbers and how to write these numbers. 


Well done to...


George - Courage certificate of the week

Emilia - Handwriter of the week

Whole of Rowan class - Stars of the week for their fabulous hard work and engagement in history this week!

Faith, Hope and Love in Rowan Class

Our Stinky and Tasty Adjective Hunt today! What other foods would we find in Little Red Riding Hood's forest?

Today we became parents to some Jelly Babies! We were set the challenge of naming them, giving them an identity and designing and building homes for them! We also designed a healthy lunch for them and some of us took our babies to playgroup! Emily set up a whole nursery of Jelly Babies and routinely checked on them throughout our break times. Bradley had a very naughty baby who needed lots of body guards to keep his baby safe! Some babies had caravans and various modes of transport created, such as Raffey's Jelly Journier'! 


Sadly parenthood in the heat took its toll on our Year 2 and 3's today, and some babies may have been eaten in the process by 3pm. We still had a wonderful time and lots of fun! 

What a super day we had at the SeaCity Museum in Southampton! Our tour guide Andy taught us lots of new facts about the Titanic and we impressed him with our lovely listening, knowledge and enthusiasm too! Highlights included the artefact guessing game, the ice cube sinking challenge, the lifeboat passenger debate and our sound map building activity. We also enjoyed the Titanic steering game and stoking a fire for the engine room! We learned that the White Star Line always named their ships with 'ic' at the end, and that the dummy funnel played a huge part in one mans fight for survival. A BIG thank you to Mrs Dorans and Mrs Cooke for being designated drivers and helpers, and for Stella's mum for our radio shout-out that made our journey back in the minibus just that more exciting! Well done to the children for such a wonderful day out yes.

Terrific Titanic

Summer Term 6

Hello everyone and welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful half term with friends, family and the beautiful sunshine we have had. I am looking forward to getting started with this term's learning with you all. 


What are we learning in our last term? 

We have really enjoyed learning about The R.M.S. Titanic in History and you have blown us away with your knowledge and enthusiasm for this topic. We are going to carry on learning about the Titanic and finish it off with a bang when we go to the SeaCity museum at the end of June. Then, we are going to start focussing on our Geography unit all about volcanoes and plants from around the world. Our Geography learning ties in nicely with our Science focus this term, where we will study plants and rocks. Our Art will tie in first with our Titanic topic, before we move onto observational drawings around nature and the environment. In PSHE we will be looking at the theme 'No Way Through Isn't True' and preparing for transition into Year 3 and 4. In RE, we will be exploring ideas about God and The Parable Son story. We will also keep fit and healthy at school with our daily mile, athletics and team games in PE on Mondays and Fridays. In English we will be writing our own adventure story based on 'The Secret of Black Rock' story and we will be writing an explanation piece based on 'The Street Beneath Our Feet'. Our focus in Maths is to consolidate this years learning in all units and look at areas we may need more support with next year. 


Phew! We are going to be busy and we can't wait! 


Miss Darby laugh

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and are looking forward to our next term of learning! This term we are going to be following a History focus all about the 'unsinkable' and famous R.M.S. Titanic. We will be writing survival guides, persuasive posters and diary entries as if we are Titanic passengers on Titanic's maiden voyage and later, during the disaster that struck. We will find out what life was like during the Titanic's construction and will role play our first morning in 1st and 3rd class aboard the Titanic to learn about the class system in 1912. In Art and DT we will be producing paintings, porthole displays, our own boat designs and moving pictures of the Titanic by making our own sketches, plans, sliders and levers. Our Science focus will be on Everyday Materials and then later we will look at Forces and Magnets. In Geography we shall plot the Titanic's voyage on a map and we will learn how icebergs are formed and how one ended up in Titanic's path. Finally, in RE we will be learning what a Parable is and what they teach us about God. We will explore the story of The Lost Son from the Bible and will be discussing how Christians show their belief in God as loving and forgiving.  


Your weekly spellings are under our 'Spellings' tab and an overview of this term can be found under our 'Termly Overviews' tabPlease email Miss Darby if you need anything at and I shall see you very soon!


Miss Darby laugh

What a wonderful day we have had outside! The sun shone all day for us as we weeded, dug up the veg patches, made bug hotels, planted seeds and enjoyed a nice biscuit (or two!) and lunch outside. We enjoyed making our own mini hedgehogs out of clay and the twigs we collected on the field. Then, we finished off the day discussing how we were going to care for our new stick insect eggs! We will be keeping an eye on our new creepy crawly pets and their habitat as they hatch into nymphs.  It has been so special to have everyone back together. Great gardening Rowan class yes

Lest We Forget

To remember those brave soldiers that fought for our country, we have created some beautiful soldier silhouette art. We started by ripping and tea staining the poem ‘In Flanders Field’ so it looked like it had been tucked into a soldiers pocket all through the war. Then, we designed and filled in our silhouettes with markers before getting messy with paint and oil pastel poppies.  Please see photos below to check out our outcomes!

Rowans Class Assembly

A big Thank you to everyone who came to watch our class assembly on Friday. It was short but sweet and the children were wonderful with their lovely loud voices, their Neil Armstrong facts, a cool space dance and of course their brilliant artwork! The children have all taken their dragon eye clay peices home with them and their castle pictures will follow shortly. I am a very proud teacher Rowan class!


Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Darby :)

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