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Being the Treasurer


Sounds scary but… your role will be to keep tabs on the FOBS funds!


You oversee the income and outgoings of the FOBS bank account and you report financial information back to the FOBS community.


In more detail:


Ongoing Responsibilities

If you love numbers and an ExCel spreadsheet, this role is for you!


As Treasurer, you manage the FOBS funds in line with the committee’s decisions and charitable constitution and keep detailed, accurate records of the PTA’s financial activity. You are the main contact for correspondence from the FOBS Bank Account and one of the designated signatories along with the Chair, Vice Chair & Secretary.


At Events

You ensure that payments are made and expenses are claimed in a timely manner. Although you are not expected to attend all of the FOBS events, you will need to arrange cash floats and bank the takings for the fundraising activities. If attending, you will need to ensure money is kept safely before, during and after events or if you can’t be there, you will delegate this task to another committee member.


During Committee Meetings

You provide a report on the ongoing FOBS financial situation at meetings. We know that time is precious and so even though it is ideal that you are able to attend the regular committee meetings (1 per half term), it isn’t compulsory.


At the AGM

Before the Annual FOBS AGM, you need to prepare the annual financial report and ensure that the accounts are audited correctly. At the AGM, you will be asked to deliver your report and afterwards you will need to complete the Charity Commission annual return.


The Role would suit you if…

You are confident and methodical in handling money and budgets and are good with numbers.


This is an elected role, at the AGM you will be voted in and asked to be registered on the Charity Commission site.



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