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How can I be involved?

All families are automatically members of FOBS when their child joins our school. It is a really fun way for both you and your children to get involved in school life, outside of the classroom!

The committee is always looking for new members – whether officially (taking on an elected role such as chair, treasurer, secretary or ordinary member), or as a ‘helper member’ who is able to regularly come to meeting and support events.


Other ways you can help and support your child through FOBS are:


  • Suggesting new event ideas.
  • Saying YES to a ‘call for help’ with the planning, setting up or running a stall at an event.
  • Coming along to the events we organise – and bringing your friends, family and neighbours too!
  • Letting us know whether your previous or current job can be useful with our fundraising goals.
  • Baking cakes & donating items.
  • Signing up to and looking out for ‘Free Ways to Fundraise’ schemes.
  • Giving a regular monetary donation to FOBS.


  • Oak - 95.92%
  • Rowan - 94.17%
  • Beech - 93.18%
  • Silver Birch - 94.94%
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