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At Binsted we believe in the Christian values of

Faith, Hope and Love.



We have had a good start to our new autumn term – welcoming back existing children as well as our new Reception children and their families. We very much value our ‘family feel’ and caring, welcoming ethos; our Friends of Binsted (FOBS) encapsulated this by welcoming new families with two coffee mornings on the first two days of term.


At Binsted School our Christian mission statement and our School values are:

‘Faith, Hope and Love’ and the greatest of these is ‘Love’

(1 Corinthians 13 v13)


I thought it might be interesting to share how these values underpin all our teaching and learning on a day to day basis.


Faith – we believe that to be successful learners children need to have faith in their teachers, parents, peers and in their own abilities; have faith in order to take risks both now and in the future. In other words, faith for today and tomorrow – for things as yet unseen.


Hope – we believe that our pupils need to have a spirit of openness towards their friendships, learning and future. On a day-to-day level we hope that they make the most of their learning opportunities and we hope that they will remain inquisitive and hard working in all the challenges that lay ahead.


Love – we work together in a loving, trusting environment whereby we foster a mutual respect for each other, develop our understanding of differences and try to instil a lifelong love of learning.


All that we seek to do in school is built upon our shared values of ‘Faith, Hope and Love.’


Mrs S. Morton







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